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Lost in the park feeling broken
Thinking about you
So many words left unspoken
Thinking about you

A lady with blue balloons under a tree
Caught my eye as she smiled at me
She said you look kind of sad, I said what can I say
The girl of my dreams is pushing me away

Oh, sometimes love ain’t so easy
Said the lady with the blue balloons
Oh, you’ve got to let go of the string
And that’s the hardest thing
Sometimes love has to fly
Like a blue balloon in the sky

Drifting along in the crowd
Thinking about you
Talking to myself out loud
Thinking about you

The lady with blue balloons under the tree
Said you’ve got to let go as she gave one to me
I said I miss her so bad I don’t know what to do
She said give her some time to think about you


Even though it hurts
I’m doing what she says to do
I sure hope it works
‘Cause I’m so messed up
I miss you so much
I just want to be with you