Danielle the wishing well
The black cat’s got you under her spell
‘Round and ‘round and ‘round you fell
Through the crack in the wishing well

Underneath a broken tree
The devil found his fantasy
Lying there in the winter snow
You said yes ‘cause you couldn’t say no

Danielle the wishing well
Went to town with a story to tell
“I’ve seen a man with a light in his eyes
He had a pitchfork mouth and he came from the skies”

The townsfolk took her to the tree
They read the rites on bended knee
The full moon laughed in the starry sky
The black cat watched with burning eyes

Danielle the wishing well
Lived and died and went to hell
She chased the cat and then she fell
Broke her neck in the wishing well

The townsfolk came from miles around
They could not find the hole in the ground
The black cat found her way to the pound
The full moon laughed without a sound

Danielle the wishing well
Danielle the wishing well