1. Drifting Apart

From the recording Take Me Back To The Country

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The dishes are dirty the house is a mess
The laundry is piling the bills are distressed
The landlord is calling creditors too
And if you don’t wake up they’re coming for you

It’s a sign of a messy heart
Denying the fact that we’re drifting apart

Food on the table no one to share
Weeks have gone by with nobody there
Your bed was a playground now it’s a grave
You still bring the flowers but there’s no one to save

It’s a sign of a desperate
Lost in a dream that’s drifting apart

Friends and family see how you’re doing
Everyone says your life is a ruin
You tell the world everything’s fine
Leave me alone you’re out of your mind

It’s a sign of a frozen heart
Stuck in a love that’s drifting apart

It’s a sign of a broken heart
Afraid of the memories drifting apart