From the recording Suzanne's Got A Hoolahoop 2019

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I started writing this song in 1992. This latest version came from a rehearsal jam. We were recording and decided to work on it (add parts, etc.) and see what happened. It was mixed by Taylor Still. This version was co-written with Michael Rothenberg.

released January 8, 2020
Alex Walsh
Guitars, Vocal, Songwriting, Production

Taylor Still
Drums, Production

Josh Srago
Bass, Production
all rights reserved


Suzanne's Got A Hoolahoop (Walsh/Rothenberg)

Suzanne's got a hoolahoop
Suzanne's got a hoolahoop
Suzanne's got a hoolahoop
Don't you want to try?

Suzanne has a yellow ball
Likes to throw it down the hall
Watch it hit the purple wall
Just to see the colors fall


Suzanne has an aeroplane
Crashes through the window pane
Lands it in a cloud of rain
Just to drive her mom insane


Suzanne has little home home
Likes to stay there al alone
With her cat and dog and bone
And reruns of the Twilight Zone