From the recording Hope For The Future

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Do you feel overwhelmed by the news these days?
I do.
I need to hear positive messages sometimes to counteract all the negativity.
Here's a song inspired by Greta Thunberg!



Sometimes I get so down about humanity
Too depressed to protest I just want to watch TV
I was flipping through the channels when I came across the news
There was a little girl from Sweden and she took away my blues

In the halls of congress when she gave her testimony
She said please listen to the scientists, don’t listen to me

She gave me hope
Hope for the future
One brave girl
Said we can change the world
It takes more than hope she said
To save our future
If you want a big reaction
You’ve got to take some action

She came to New York City on a solar powered yacht She said the smell was indescribable and the air was so hot
People blast their air conditioners and they act so strange
All they do is argue about whether they believe in climate change

She said I know they’re not stupid I know they understand
The facts are the facts not lines in the sand


The ice caps are melting the ocean’s on the rise
Existential armageddon cuts through all the lies
So I made another sign and joined the people on street
Crying out for justice standing on my feet