Alex Walsh - What I’m doing now

Updated 8-29-22 from San Francisco, CA

I haven't done too much new songwriting for myself this year. I've mostly been working on my recording chops. I started a new recording project called Waters Edge Workshop with Meg Kelly. We've been working on songs for Film & TV.

In 2022 I checked out a few online production music websites to get up to date on production music. I joined the Sync Music Academy and Production Music Academy. I recently started an online mixing class with FETT, a musician, producer, and studio owner in Nashville. I just joined the Working Class Audio Community. 

I have a Songwriters Showcase gig on September 25 at the Chit Chat Cafe in Pacifica, 12:30pm. I don't know who else is performing yet.
Since Covid I haven't played out in public very much. A couple times. It was more nerve-wracking than enjoyable so I've stayed away. But I am looking forward to this show!

I am accepting students. Want to learn Guitar? Harmonica? Songwriting stuff? call me: 415.437.0671